Additional services:

Industrial goods

No matter if building materials, insulating material, steel parts, wood package, machines and machine parts or all type of goods related to automotive; we take them on. Packed on pallets, in boxes, big bags, loose parcels, customer-owned containers and many more.
We are pleased to help you with any doubt or query you may have about our transport solutions.

Coil trough

  • Transport of „standing“ Coils up to 24 tonnes.
  • Length (inner length) approx. 7.200 mm (shape according to VDI-Guideline 2700) to take Coils with a diameter of min. 900 mm to max. 2.100 mm

Truck-mounted forklift

  • 4-ways truck-mounted forklift to deliver long goods in low space requirement
  • Clearance of 2050 mm due to modern construction with Triplex Mast
  • Carrying capacity of up to 2500 kg
  • All-terrain vehicle due to 4-wheels drive & differential lock

TRANSPORT WITH SELF-UNLOADING – truck-mounted forklifts are always on board!

All trailers can be equipped with TRUCK-MOUNTED FORKLIFTS. The non-plus-ultra for our customers: The flexible truck-mounted forklift allows efficient and quick loading and unloading on nearly any ground.

The truck-mounted forklift is carried at the rear of the trailer, being ready to use in less than a minute. Having arrived at the destination, the adaptable forklift allows the driver to unload all goods and, if necessary, reload the trailer. No matter if on construction sites, event areas or directly on your premises, our driver does not need any further support of other equipment resulting in saving time and money.

Schönbuch Logistic’s truck-mounted forklifts provide a carrying capacity of up to 2,5 tonnes. The use of our truck-mounted forklifts is also possible on unsurfaced ground – due to 4-wheel drive and differential lock.

Broadloom transports long/wide/high

  • Transports up to 3,0 meters wide under tarpaulin
  • Permanent permission for the entire fleet
  • Short slotted hole spacing guarantees safe rigging at any part of the mega trailer

Broadloom special transports

All broadloom special transports in the area of oversized dimensions are conducted with our own fleet. All vehicles have a permanent permission for 4,00 meters excess length and 3,00 meters overwidth. Rear doors of all vehicles can be expanded to 3,50 meters. Hence, crane loading with overwidth is ensured, too. The entire fleet is aligned with those dimensions and has all necessary vehicle equipment. Wherever you may have a demand for special transports, we are at your service at any time. 365 days a year / 24 h a day, comprehensive and short-term too.

Fair-/Event logistics

Every event is different, no fair equals one another. Therefore, perfect event- and fair logistics require a maximum level of individuality in regard of logistics planning, transport chain and diligence. Schönbuch Logistics is an experienced partner for event- and fair logistics as well as transporting your fair items to any desired destination, at any time, Europe-wide.

  • Europe-wide event- and fair logistics
  • Transportation planning
  • Transport insurance
  • Handling of empties, temporary storage
  • Transport on Sundays and public holidays possible due to exemptions

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